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Black Widow - Brown Recluse: Spiders live everywhere. There are 2500 US species. Spiders have a two-segmented cephalothorax and abdomen. Most spiders live 1-2 years. Young spiders look like the adult spiders just smaller in size. Spiders activities are greatly reduced during cold months.

Earwigs are brown and black insects with two "pinchers" pointing inward from their tail. Earwigs are about 1/2 to an inch in length. Earwigs usually hide in crack and crevices during the day and feed at night. Earwigs are scavengers and occasionally feed on plants. They have an unpleasant odor when crushed. Usually they remain under soil or landscape. During the night, they will move to light sources and eat at night. Occasional invaders. 

Adult Fleas are parasites living on skin or in feathers of birds and feed on the blood of their hosts. Fleas are vectors (transports disease from one animal to another.) of several diseases; for example, bubonic plague or black death, and Murine flea-borne typhus are a couple examples. Fleas are small black in color, compressed body, with piercing-sucking mouth parts. They have a 4 stage life-cycle egg, larva, pupa, and adult stage. Eggs are laid close to the body of the host. Larval fleas have chewing mouth parts and feed on feces of the adult fleas. Fleas can walk very well and have great jumping ability (up to 18 inches), so when treatments are conducted, it is advised to treat curtains up to 18 inches in height. 

House Flies are found in the home during the summer months. These flies develop in garbage, manure, or animal carcass. These can transmit disease because the flies drop their eggs in the garbage or manure, then move back to locations to search for food. Sometimes on your food. So the flies are commonly contaminated with disease causing bacteria, including those related to food poisoning.

Hornet is black in color with a white face. Approximately 1 inch in length. These are very aggressive yellow jackets. Its nest is grey with several combs inside. Usually pair shaped and size of 1 foot or more in diameter. Colonies are founded by a single queen in the spring that mated the previous fall and overwintered as an adult.

Indian Meal Moths and Clothes Moths: Indian Meal Moths infest grain, dried fruit, dried vegetables, seeds, nuts, crackers, and dog food. When infested, you will usually see a web-like particles in the infested food. Most infestations are purchased and brought into the home. 

The House Mouse is a small adult weighing up to 1 oz. They were introduced to North America on colonist ships. During the fall when temperatures drop, mice move into structures for food and shelter. House Mouse prefer seeds and grains for their food source, but when not present will eat other types of products. The House mouse is nocturnal with nests 4-5 inches in diameter. Mice have 6-10 litters each year breeding 4-6 newborns. Mice are sexually mature at 10 weeks old. Mice travels approximately 10-30 feet in diameter, but may be more or less depending on their food sources. Mice are very curious creatures, so it could be a much quicker control of mice to place new baits and traps in their environments as opposed rats.

Mosquitoes go through complete Metamorphosis. The adults look nothing like the young. Most species of Mosquito Larva have an air tube to allow for breathing. Pupae stage may last a day. Once the adult is ready to emerge, it climbs out of the pupae casing, unfolds its adult wings and flies out searching for a blood meal. This process can be completed in as short as an eleven to fourteen day period. Monthly treatments between March through October are recommended to maintain control of these annoying pests. Only the females bites. Both male and female will feed on nectar, but the female needs a blood meal with protein for egg development. The adult life expectancy is about 3-4 weeks.

Roof Rat has a pointed nose with a long tail (Tails are longer than the heads and bodies combined). Adults weigh 5-10 oz. Roof rats are located in tropical climates (North Carolina and all coastal areas into Texas and The coastal areas of California and Oregon). Roof rats usually nest above ground in attics, ceilings, trees, and other locations. They feed on Fruits and nuts. Roof rats are omnivores, so they eat both meat and vegetation. Require water often, which they usually can get through their food source. Nocturnal. Many rats eat their food source once they are back to their nesting areas. Very good climbers. 

Norway Rats sometimes called brown or sewer rats have a blunted nose, small ears, short tail (shorter than their head and body combined), adults weigh up to 1 pound. Their burrows can be found along foundations of structures, beneath woodpiles, gardens, and fields. Once in a building Norway's are found in the basements or ground floor locations. Gnawing holes from rats could be as large as 3 inches or more in diameter. They prefer gnawing on wood, but also can damage electrical wiring. The Norway Rat is in all 48 states.

Scorpions have a long slender flat bodies, which allows them to hide in crack and crevices. Scorpions have a segmented tail with a venomous stinger. They don't see well and rely on touch. Scorpions size ranges depending on the species from 1/2 inch up to 6 inches or more. Scorpions hide during the day and are active at night. Scorpions hide under stones and wood piles. Their food sources are insects, earthworms, spiders, and centipedes. Average scorpion life is approximately 3-8 years. 

Snakes: There are approximately 120 species of snakes in North America. There are 17 that are venomous. All snakes are carnivores and feed on a variety of small prey; such as, rats or mice. 

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